Mbody core mobility with Joanna capper

Mbody Physiotherapy
Core mobility classes (Pilates with movement)
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Joint mobilisation
The Hart Space – Core Mobility Classes

What does the class involve?
Classes are unique, based on Pilates-style exercises – working on core strength and postural
alignment with functional movement.
Classes are fun – incorporating standing, sitting and floor exercises using resistance band, handweights, balance cushions and balls. The exercises are performed to music and tailored to meet the
individual’s needs and requirements – whatever your age or ability, pregnant or postnatal. (If
pregnant and never exercised previously – must be over 12 weeks gestation).

Who is the class suitable for?
Anyone – so long as you are able to get on/off the floor to exercise in lying. No previous experience
of Pilates-type exercises is necessary in the Beginners class. If you suffer from a low back problem,
pelvic girdle pain, sacroiliac issues, hip, knee, or ankle problems, then this will be of benefit to you.
The aim of this class is to focus on normal, everyday movements of the whole body and improve
your movement quality, strength, endurance and stability.
If you are in acute pain, then this needs addressing before you start the class. Once settled, the class
will not only help to speed up your recovery, but it will work on the prevention of any further
If you have previous experience and no acute pain, you may wish to challenge yourself with the
more advanced class.

Who runs the class?
Joanna – a chartered physiotherapist, with 27 years of experience working for the NHS. She also has
her own private clinic, specialising in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions,
including a special interest in pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy (PGP) – formerly known as SPD. She has
post graduate qualifications in Acupuncture, Pilates for physiotherapists, sacroiliac joint dysfunction
and pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy. She has been running her own Core Mobility classes for
about 15 years.

What do I wear?
Comfortable clothing – joggers, leggings or tracksuit. Barefoot is preferable.

Do I need to bring anything?
You may wish to bring a towel and water.

How much does it cost?
£48 for a block of six sessions payable at the first session.
Classes will run from Friday 20th March – Beginners class 09:15 am to 10:15 am
Advanced class 10:15 am to 11:15 am
(As Good Friday lies within the 6 week block – dates will be as follows – 20/3, 20/3, 27/3, 3/4, 17/4,
24/4, 1/5).

Where? At The Hart Space, Hart Street, Southport.

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