Hypnobirthing PLUS

Empowered Bumps Hypnobirthing, started these classes back in 2016 and has since taught HUNDREDS of parents to be.  Why would you go anywhere else?  

Join us for one of our tried and tested courses! 

Why settle for a standard and generic hypnobirthing course when you could step it up a notch or 10!


I know what you are thinking, it’s not possible, feeling like super woman is so far removed from how you felt last time, it’s not how it is on the TV and so on.

I am not talking about having your baby a certain way, with no pain relief listening to yoga music. I am talking about feeling in control, powerful, ready to rock… a bit like super woman…HOWEVER YOU BIRTH!!

Btw, the reason I use transforming you from bricking it to feeling like ‘Super Woman’ because I was sent an amazing birth story from a second time mother who told me THIS was the exact transformation she felt (it’s not a phrase we have just randomly picked because it sounded good!)

 So, if a real-life women can transform her feelings like that, you can too!

I know you may be worried about your birth partner thinking that it’s all woo woo and maybe even a waste of money and time BUT this may the best money you spend throughout your whole pregnancy, let’s face it we can all fall victim to buying stuff we will never use (like a super posh designated nappy bin in my case)  …  This is not one of those things, you WILL definitely use this!   

This is something that can and will give you the things you need to transform how you feel throughout pregnancy and techniques you can use for life (like when you have a challenging day with a free willed toddler or three-nager!)  

So, if this is sounding right up your street take a look below at what it is we teach.


‘Hypnobirthing PLUS’ is exactly what it suggests.  Its MORE than a typical hypnobirthing course, its interactive and is really centred around practical techniques to help increase your comfort levels throughout pregnancy, labour and birth.  

This is for people who want to feel pumped, prepared and empowered.  

Our  Hypnobirthing courses are INTERACTIVE and include all the extras you need and deserve.  I’m talking additional pregnancy yoga, mummy to be community, ONGOING SUPPORT and LOADS more! 

Each hypnobirthing course will be limited in size to ensure you can ask the  questions you want and get to know the other parents to be.  We will also set up a What’s App chat for your group so you can keep in contact with the other parents to be throughout your journey into parenthood. 

What we  cover to get you feeling like this: 

  • How the body works in labour, including hormones and how to promote the ‘good’ ones for labour and birth 
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques including additional breathing practices with Sharron our yoga teacher
  • How to set up your labour and birth space including how to create a calm and tranquil environment in a hospital setting 
  • Valuble information on how to ‘rock’ an induction and c section should birth go down that route.
  • Essential decision making tools.
  • Birth partner role including ‘check sheets’ which are easy to follow! 
  • Birth positions with our yoga teacher Sharron (within the course)
  • Additional relaxation techniques to help you sink deeper when you need it most. 
  • What to do and when to do it (complete with its own flow chart for your birth partner) 


Southport at The Hart Space 

9th January – 2 places left 

6th February – 3 spaces left 

6th March – 2 spaces left 

Head over to the website HERE to book your class

Courses with Empowered Bumps Hypnobirthing are also available in Crosby, Liverpool and Ormskirk. 

1:1 Hypnobirthing PLUS and Antenatal classes available in Formby, Southport, Liverpool, Crosby, Ormskirk, Preston, Chorley, Leyland, Maghull, St Helens and everywhere between! 

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