We have been working hard to make sure you are safe as we reopen.  Below is our COVID safe policy. This can also be found on our social media accounts and printed out in multiple locations throughout The Hart Space.  



• Strict cleaning schedules must be adhered to before and after every class/ session/ day at The Hart Space by each class facilitator
• Deep cleaning of the venue will take place  addition to daily strict cleaning schedules in place (see above)
• Antibacterial wipes and hand gel are available in both toilets and the main room to use for handles/ taps etc
• Hand dryers available in each toilet
• Hand sanitising stations have been provided: Before entering, leaving and during sessions The Hart Space please use the hand sanitiser provided or wash your hands for a min of 20 seconds.  There is hand sanitiser, wipes and masks in the foyer for use with a lidded pedal bin and print outs of our COVID policy
• Additional pedal bins (with lids) provided inside The Hart Space

• All leaflets and magazines have been removed
• Cushions, blankets and eye pillows are not out or available for use
• We will not be providing tea/ coffee.  Water is available using the disposable cups. Guests to The Hart Space are encouraged to bring their own drinks.
• Respect a minimum of 2m social distancing, where not possible please wear a face covering.  

Yoga mats and the eva flooring will be used in The Hart Space and distanced out in line with guidance.   These will be sanitised before and after every class, you are also able to bring your own. 

• Arrive at the right time for your class/ session and maintain social distances, no more than 5 minutes before unless your class facilitator has asked you to. 
• Wear a face covering in the communal areas and when moving around the space in alignment with government guidelines (face masks are available if you do not have one) 
• Use the hand sanitiser or wash your hands before entering The Hart Space
• Use hand sanitiser or wash your hands before leaving The Hart Space
• If you are feeling unwell OR anyone in your household OR anyone you have been in contact with is unwell DO NOT ENTER OR ATTEND CLASSES/ SESSIONS
• Adhere to social distancing (2m social distancing)
• Please bring a bag to put your coat and shoes in (there is no coat stand or hooks)
• Tell your class facilitator straight away if you become unwell
• Tell your class facilitator if you or anyone you have been in contact with tests positive for COVID-19
• Guests to The Hart Space are asked to take their own rubbish home with them (this includes nappies)

All our classes require pre booking using electronic systems to collect details in line with track and trace.  


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